Archives/Old Web Resources

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American Radio History -- an archive of a ton of retro radio magazines. I for one like looking through their old issues of Billboard, but the rest is pretty disinteresting if you aren't into broadcasting stuff.

Archive.org & the Magazine Rack

Cameron's World

Gifcities -- Archive.org-aligned old web gif resource.

Heaven's Gate -- their 1997 VHS can be found here.

Horror Gif Necronomicon

Kino Library -- a collection of vintage stock footage/home video.

Oocities -- Geocities archive (RIP)

Other Websites

Sites that are either from the old web or retain that aesthetic.

Blair Witch Project (1999)

CM Punk's LiveJournal (2002-05) and Website (2002) & (2004-5)

LHOHQ (Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters) -- FLASH WARNING; weird deep-dive ARG(?) thing? Cool and wacky.

Neil Cicierega -- Neil Cic's videos were one of the most important factors in establishing both my sense of humor when entering middle school and my interest in the culture of the late 80s-early 00s. His mashup albums, Guide to LOTR/Star Wars, and the McDonaldland 500 are some of my favorites.

Petra Cortright's website

Metalsludge P*nis Chart -- an old gossip board made by groupies discussing several metal/alt musicians and how they are in bed, LOL.

Sam Manzie's Smashing Pumpkins fansite

the SexyMax2019 ARG Neocities site

Sol Pais' Neocities site

Vincent Gallo's Website

WaxWeb -- website of David Blair for his film Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees; I linked an Archive copy because, although the website had been preserved in its beautiful early 90s glory for many years, he updated the format two years ago ( sad face ). Heavily recommend the film too!

Wrestling Fansites -- Chris Jericho (2000), Edge & Christian (2000), Hardy Boyz (2000), Shawn Michaels (1999), WWE Roleplay (2002), Wrestling Trading Cards (2001)


Interviews/profiles on people & stuff that I like from the period this site is centered around.

Is CM Punk the modern-day Shawn Michaels? ('12) -- okay, this one isn't Y2K; but Punk and HBK are my two favorite wrestlers so this article was a blessing!

Ebert on Gallo ('03) -- Roger Ebert's infamous response to Vincent Gallo's film the Brown Bunny. The opening line really gets me: Vincent Gallo has put a hex on my prostate.

Gerrymandering: an Interview with Gus Van Sant ('03) -- interview with Gus Van Sant on his film Gerry.

Silent Hill interview ('99) -- interview with Keiichiro Toyama on the first Silent Hill game.

Revenge of the Weezer Nerds ('94) -- interview with Matt Sharp and Pat Wilson after the release of Blue.

Tarantino v. Stone ('94) -- stupid little profile on the Tarantino/Stone screenplay rivalry during production of Natural Born Killers.

De Niro profile ('93) -- interview with Scorsese/profile on De Niro after the release of a Bronx Tale.


Stuff I play in the meantime :)

Club Penguin Rewritten -- fan remake of Club Penguin after it got shut down.

Fake FNAF -- a free Five Nights at Freddy's fan remake. What I play instead of the real game because I'm poor.

Journey of Wrestling -- awesome lil fantasy wrestling booking game made by nL, these youtubers who do WWE games and stuff.

MovieStarPlanet -- the original baddie website.

Pretend You're XYZZY -- online Cards Against Humanity!


Buffalo '66 Screenplay Draft

Harmony Korine's TikTok -- you read that right. Have fun.

MEGA link waitlist -- stuff I'm planning on transferring to MEGA when space opens up.

MTV Asia - Daria -- where I watch episodes of Daria :)

Windows '93 -- cool little aesthetic thing that's fun to mess around on.

WWE - Jeffrey Nero Hardy Aka Jeff Hardy